Before the world was, Jehovah-Innocent so loved the idea of a world that he configured a whole universe of worlds in his mind. Jehovah-Innocent is Love. And Love visualized everything Holiness Happiness Harmony; three-tier Hierarchy of Beings with Unfettered self-determination doing wondrous things in Jehovah-Innocent’s image. Forever-Living Self-Existence during his May-make phase could only conceive holy possibilities, but the decision to Make and administrate a universe with billions of stars and beings and creatures was not easy. Finally, curiosity won. Therefore, so that he Could foreknow all things forever to happen, Jehovah-Innocent made his Irreversible spoken decision. In him is no variableness neither shadow of turning. Time forevermore began when Jehovah-Innocent said, “I WILL make the universe.”

Instantly the First Moment of Time ended, and the Second...

Instantly Jehovah-Innocent was innocent no more. Unforeseen inevitabilities, unintended consequences screamed in God’s mind. God’s Irreversible spoken decision had unintentionally unleashed a malicious software program in the universe about to become. What was this virus? Unfettered self-determination, Free Will. One moment ago, if God had known that one prince of angels would invent sin and spread sin across the universe, he would not have said his decision. Now forevermore Death and Life are in the power of the tongue. Any affirmations of orders repeatedly passed on to the God-image mind are finally accepted and acted on by the God-image mind, which proceeds to translate them into their physical equivalent by the most practical procedure available. “I will be like God!” This scream will transform a prince of angels into Satan, self-misshapen anti-God. God had not placed a check on free will because God did not know he needed a check on free will. In his innocence God thought holiness happiness harmony would be every living being’s default choice forevermore.

And the Second Moment of Time ended, and the Third...

God could not undo his Irreversible spoken decision. Forever-Living Self-Existence looked into the future three-tier universe contained within his length and width and depth, and it degenerated into a snake pit. Of the billions of beings in heaven and on earth and subterranean, There was none righteous no not one. There was none that did good no not one. Broken hearted, He designed a holy algorithm to predestine a random sample of his three-tier Hierarchy of Beings to eternal life. Foreseeing the outer envelope, Paradise also called third heaven, two-thirds of angelians descended and ascended through the envelope and did the good they were configured to do. But one-third obeyed the self-misshapen anti-God and did evil. In starry second heaven, he foresaw billions of galaxies each containing billions of solar systems. And he focused on one blue planet. And He drew out a snake and said, “Jacob have I loved,” and he looked down at his brother and said, “Esau have I hated.” God wrote the names of his Jacobs in his Book of Life then Jehovah extended forth Himself to die: forever God FOREVERMORE MAN, The Way, Logos, God-from-God, as it were a Lamb slain from the conception of the universe. The Great Algebraic Equation of Salvation was the solution to Satan.


And the Third Moment of Time ended, and the Fourth...

Logos the Lamb said, “Let there be the Universe.”

Although every being was created with predilection for goodness, successive ages of predation passed. The Lamb added apex predators to symbolize Satan, self-misshapen anti-God.

The Lamb brought every age to a cataclysmic conclusion to forewarn Satan and his predatory puppeteers of irreversible self-spoken damnation.

The K–Pg boundary is associated with the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event, a mass extinction which destroyed a majority of the world's Mesozoic species, including all dinosaurs.

During the second to the last age of predation ice covered much of the planet’s surface. Giant creatures roamed the planet in search of food.

The age of man was the last age of predation; large predators gave way to small predators who succumbed to Satan’s subtlety everyone.

The Lamb had created Subterranean before small predators. These pre-genesis masons advanced quickly and constructed the Great Pyramid. Afterward some flew home to their caverns deep beneath the ground and at the bottom of the sea where they escape upheavals in the earth’s crust and violent storms on the surface where man dwells.

The Lamb also created giants called Nephilim and placed them in ecoregions along the northern and eastern Mediterranean. They reproduced after their kind and became men of renown.

To the east on one erets ecoregion the Lamb sent a flood and destroyed a Sodom-like civilization  that had become too anti-God to tolerate. Their erets became without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

In the beginning of the year the Lamb determined to resurrect this erets, to replenish this erets with never-before-seen endemic species. Here would be God’s great experiment. Here God would place the thirty-fifth kind of man, the thousand-year man. These innocents were not intended to die. They would undergo a metamorphosis like a heavenly butterfly. Logos, the Lamb, extension of God All-powerful made erets Eden a fertile hill. He dug the ground removed the stones and planted the best vines. He hoped the grapes would be sweet, but bitter grapes were all it produced. What more could God have done for his vineyard? He hoped for sweet grapes, but bitter grapes were all that grew.

And it grieved the Lamb that he had created the thousand-year man also called the "sons of God." And the Lamb sent a second regional flood on erets Eden. But Noah found grace in the Lamb's eyes. And Noah built an airtight barge 300+50+30=3+5+3=11. The volume of the ark ensured Noah’s family and some eighty-seven kinds of endemic species adequate air to breathe until the ark’s cladding could be removed. It was going to rain forty days and forty nights. The ark had only one small window. This presented three problems. First problem was the buildup of hydrogen sulfide wafting up from the animal dung. At just 600 parts per million H2S would kill Noah and animals before it stopped raining; thus, of paramount importance was a large airtight interior space to sequester deadly dung and the compulsory soil amended with lime to cover the dung. Second problem: the exhale of the 1200 animals and the burning oil lamps onboard building up the carbon dioxide level to 10000 parts per million. Third problem: appropriate spaces for fresh bedding, food and water to sustain the Eden ecosystem for one year.

When the flood began the Nephilim escaped to Hebron, first called Kiriath-Arba, where Arba a great one among the Nephilim reigned and his son Anak after him. The Anakim were still in the forests of Hebron when the two million descendants of Noah made their Exodus from erets Egypt ruled by Thutmose III the evil pharaoh upon whom the Lamb sent ten plagues.

And the Fourth Moment of Time ended, and the Fifth...

The Lamb, having created all things and upholding all things by the word of his power, extended himself into his planet through the womb of a virgin. And she called His name JESUS for he was destined to save billions of foreordained beings from their sins.

He grew in wisdom and in stature FOREVERMORE MAN. And at the time pre-appointed he promised his foreordained followers that not all of them would die until they would see him coming in his kingdom, a kingdom not visible to human eyes. His kingdom would be within.

And he plucked out of the mind of God thought of further Rebellion by his self-fettered self-determination prayer, “Father, not as I will, but as you willed.” And Jesus’ self-fettered self-determination was applied to the ledgers and beings of all foreordained three-tier Hierarchy of Beings: all in the graves, all living, all forevermore to be born.


“The Crucifixion,” 1350, artist unknown, Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo, Serbia. Two UFO objects with “pilots” can be seen in the sky on both sides of Jesus. The “JaLuc” who saved Travis Walton’s life in 1975 say the mural shows them in the sky above. The JaLuc say they also witnessed Jesus’ Resurrection three days later. They claim that they became Christians when they saw Jesus call a “soul” from the realm of the dead and watched Lazarus come back to life and walk out of the cave. They are “Paulists” who believe “they are foreordained to eternal life by Jesus, their God, their Creator and their Saviour.”

And the Fifth Moment of Time ended, and the Sixth...

And three days later JESUS rose from the dead. He ascended into heaven.

The fourth beast, predatory autocracy Rome, had crucified Jesus. And forty years later JESUS came in his kingdom. And apostle John and others still living experienced JESUS’ coming within. And in the sky above, not visible to human eyes, the dead, small and great, stood before the Lamb and he separated them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats. And he set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left. And the books were opened. And another book was opened, which is the Book of Life. And the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. And the Lamb said unto them on his right hand, Come, blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the conception of the universe. And the Lamb said unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, you cursed, into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

After Nero died the Italian gentry class rose to power. And in the days of this Flavian Dynasty the God of heaven set up his promised kingdom, which shall stand forevermore. Rome, iron mixed with miry clay, mixed the iron Roman legions with foederati barbarian Vandals, Alans, Huns, Visigoths, until the whore was burned.

And in the process of time the Lamb’s kingdom filled the whole universe. And men beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruninghooks. And they learned war no more. And death, sorrow, crying, pain passed away.

And the Sixth Moment of Time ended, and the Neverending Seven...

The Lamb delivered up his kingdom to God from whom he had extended forth the Third Moment of Time.